We Need More Abolitionists

Hospitality Executives

UA would like to reach leaders who work in the hospitality industry to discuss the fact that many hotels are used as sites for human trafficking, either sex work, labor or as a link in the transportation chain.

Let’s inspire a passion for the crisis and educate staff on how to identify signs of human trafficking.

UA can provide hotline numbers and other ways to report suspicious activity.

Our work will enhance your social standing in the community as allies against human-trafficking.

Faith-based communities and families

UA works tirelessly to turn churches, church organizations and prayer organizations into outreach avenues to educate communities about human trafficking.

We can provide materials on how to keep families safe.

Our speakers provide education on how human trafficking affects all demographics, even “good” families.

HR Managers

UA wants to meet with HR managers from large corporations who are able to make decisions on philanthropic efforts on behalf of their company

We will urge them to designate philanthropic funds and volunteer time from their teams and approve volunteer hours for staff

Women in Business groups

Women in leadership positions, we call on you to help us. Find sponsors for events, hold community lectures, help us make our voices louder!